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A trike can be an ideal solution:

  • can transport the groom and the best man (or the more adventurous bride and the bridesmaid) to the wedding venue and make an unusual and certainly spectacular entrance

  • it can also be used as a unique entertainment opportunity for guests after the wedding ceremony by offering small trips to wedding guests upon request.

A trike can be that little bit extra that gives everyone a little fun and gives you the opportunity to have alternative photographs to put in your wedding album.

DueTi Garage offers different packages according to your needs; you can choose whether to rent the vehicle with the driver or without a driver.

Rental without driver

Click here to know the conditions and prices.

Rent with driver

Wedding pack with driver

The complete and attentive service includes the presence of a professional driver for the transport of the spouses and witnesses before and after the ceremony.

Price: € 330.00


A splendid floral decoration chosen and created on the basis of your requests and the theme of your event.

Price: € 50.00


Entertainment after the ceremony: trike trips for guests, to offer moments of leisure and fun.

Price: € 120.00


The price includes journeys up to a distance of 60 km from Verona.

Other distances are subject to charges and must be agreed in advance.


Conditions for cancellation

of the reservation

Up to 24 hours ................... 100%

from 24 to 12 hours ......... 50%

less than 12 hours ................ 0%

When making a reservation, we ask for a 50% deposit by bank transfer.

Do you have something unique for your wedding day and that makes this day even more special and unforgettable?

Do you want a different idea to get to your wedding?

FOR INFORMATION Tel .: +39 347 230 2680

Wedding trike service

FOR INFORMATION Tel .: +39 347 230 2680
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